East Harlem Health Outreach Partnership (EHHOP)

Organization website:

In recognition of the lack of access to health care that affects so many, our mission is to create a health outreach partnership with the East Harlem community. We will provide quality health care, regardless of ability to pay or lack of health insurance, with the specific objective of reaching out to uninsured residents of East Harlem.

Consistent with our belief that proper health care is a right, not a privilege, we are committed to providing primary preventive care, diagnosing and treating illness, and fostering health awareness through education and advocacy. As part of our intent to care comprehensively for our patients, we will serve as a bridge to medical and social support resources that we cannot ourselves provide.

We will offer confidential, compassionate care in a safe, respectful environment. We aim to establish a positive approach to medicine by creating shared goals with our patients. We seek to empower them to participate actively in their physical and emotional well-being in order to enhance the effectiveness of our services.

As medical students, we commit to serving our patients’ health care needs, and, in so doing, commit to expand our own knowledge, skills, and ideals. We will strive to rededicate ourselves continually to our roles as future physicians, strengthening our respect for medicine as students, so that we may maintain our commitment throughout our careers.

Which Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) worked with?
EHHOP refers patients to many of the other health organizations in East Harlem including the Institute for Family Health, Boriken Neighborhood Health Center, and other student-run free clinics.

Types of Service Projects Engaged In:
Education/Teaching in the community, Education/Teaching at Sinai (e.g., through an elective), Screenings, Policy/Advocacy, Health Services Research (e.g., quality assurance), Clinical Work

What can your group offer to other student organizations?
Consultation, Collaboration

Tentative Volunteer Needs:
Weekly Saturday Clinic

Faculty Advisors:
EHHOP Program Director – Yasmin S. Meah, MD
EHHOP Medical Director – David C. Thomas, MD