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The Students for Equal Opportunity in Medicine (SEOM) at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai present MedDOCs, a nine-week program held twice each year in the fall and spring. Beginning in 2015, there will be 2 separate curricula: the spring session will focus on the pulmonary system (lungs), and the fall session will focus on the cardiovascular system (heart). Accordingly, students will be able to participate in both sessions.

Through lectures, small group activities, and lab experiences, students will:
Learn the anatomy and physiology of the heart/lungs
Discuss the different functions of the heart/lungs
Participate in discussions about diseases of the cardiovascular/pulmonary system
See and touch real hearts/lungs (normal and diseased)
Learn emergency medical techniques
Learn how to obtain a patient’s medical history and vital signs
Discuss the importance of nutrition and healthy living

In order to graduate, students will be required to give a group presentation focused on preventing common cardiovascular/pulmonary diseases. Additionally, students may not miss more than two classes in order to receive a certificate of completion for the course.

Types of Service Projects Engaged In:
Education/Teaching at Sinai (e.g., through an elective)

What can your group offer to other student organizations?
We have established strong relationships with many high schools in New York and so can introduce other groups to these schools.

Tentative Volunteer Needs:
Fall 2015: our course will run from September 2015 till November 2015
About 34 volunteers are needed each semester to serve as teachers

Faculty Advisor:
Ann-Gel Palermo
Dr. Hooman Poor