Pediatrics Interest Group

To recruit future pediatricians, and to educate them about the range of options available with the pediatrics department and hospital at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

Which Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) worked with? As of yet, we have not worked with any CBOs.

Types of Service Projects Engaged In:
We’re open to ideas/collaborations!

What can your group offer to other student organizations?
Our group is primarily invested in networking with pediatricians and residents/fellows at Sinai to offer students some perspective into pediatrics as a potential career choice.

Tentative Volunteer Needs:
Pediatrics Panel with Drs. Gibbs and Hammond, and three of their residents
Pediatric Radiology Seminar
How to Approach the SexEd Talk with patients
Fourth Year Match Panel

We don’t need volunteers to coordinate any of these events; the group leaders are in charge of that.

Faculty Advisor:
Blair Hammond:
Kathleen Gibbs: