Shadowing & Research

If you are interested in shadowing in Family Medicine, we have set up a program to facilitate this. Shadowing can take place during Tuesday afternoon Flex Time especially, but it also can take place at another time, if you’d like. To set up a shadowing time, email Ilia Castro ( Shadowing will take place at the Institute for Family Health, which is on Madison Ave between 118th and 119th streets. Ms. Castro is expecting to hear from you!

If you are interested in doing research in Family Medicine, we’ve compiled a list of Family Medicine doctors who are willing and excited to have medical students work with them on their projects. For first years, Drs. Zier and Wyatt are aware of these mentors, so make sure to ask them about opportunities in Family Medicine research when you have your SCHOLaR meetings. For everyone else, please reach out to Marissa Caan or Allison Vise (emails below) for more information.

If you have any questions about shadowing or research opportunities, please feel free to contact second years Marissa Caan ( or Allison Vise (