Formation, makeup, and membership of the MRP

The School will form a research trainee (student/postdoc)-led panel to: (1) serve as a sounding board for students or postdocs with concerns about mistreatment; (2) recommend or pursue appropriate steps or actions to resolve the conflict or situation; and (3) assist in school-wide education about this topic.

Members of the panel will be elected by their peers annually and will receive MRP orientation and training at the beginning of the 1-yr term. The Ombudsperson will administer the training. For continuity, terms will be staggered so that no more than one-half the trainee membership turns over every 6 months.

In addition to faculty advisors, the MRP will comprise two subgroups: a group of representative postdocs and a group of representative graduate students. The following representatives will convene bimonthly.

Faculty Advisors: 

  • Basil Hanss
    • Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Career Development
  • George Huntley
    • Ombuds officer for Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows
  • Guy Montgomery
    • Faculty representative, Office of Postdoctoral Affairs
  • Scott Russo
    • Faculty Advisor

Graduate Students:

Postdoctoral Fellows: