Postdocs at the PEC strive to create a welcoming and inclusive community for postdocs at ISMMS. The current group members are:

Co-directors: Vishal Midya and Yajing Xu

Other Members: Kirtan Kaur, Piyush Kumar

Please feel free to reach them via email. The email ids are


This group organizes excursions and a monthly Postdoc Social held on the last Friday of every month. These events offer the opportunity to interact, network, and exchange ideas with other postdocs as well as invited guests.


This group performs monthly live educational TV shows for children at the Mount Sinai Kravis Children’s Hospital. More information here.

Community Service

Events such as canned food drive and “spring cleaning” clothing donation are organized by this group.

Postdoc Periodical

A monthly publication assembled by ISMMS postdocs and the PEC. It features interviews and articles on research or cultural events. If you would like to join the Periodical as a contributing editor or have an idea for an article, please contact one of the editors (Piyush, Shohini, Sindhu), or email at

Alumni Newsletter

This monthly publication shares current ISMMS postdoc achievements and events with the postdoc alumni community

NYC Postdoc Coalition

The PEC is part of this coalition comprising postdoctoral leaders from 7 major NYC research institutions. The mission of the group is to enhance the postdoctoral experience of NYC postdocs by providing a platform for citywide partnership and grassroots advocacy with the goal of fostering a thriving and diverse postdoctoral community in NYC.