Once a month, postdocs from the Playdocs team join forces to entertain sick children here at Mount Sinai with the sole goal of brightening up their day and making them laugh!

What’s it about?
We develop in-house science-themed “TV shows” to entertain the children at the Kravis Children’s Hospital (at 5th Ave and 100th St) in collaboration with Mount Sinai’s KidZone TV. Our task is to come up with ideas and make the content of the shows while KidZone TV provides their filming equipment and production team. The shows are both educational and comical and are usually live so that kids can interact with us if they want to.

The Playdocs team
Launched in late 2015, the Playdocs were created by then ISMMS postdoctoral fellow Ricky S Joshi, with an initial team of ten other postdocs. As postdocs move to other positions, the Playdocs keep on going with new members continually interested in joining.
Current members: Nicolas Daviaud (leader), Marie Verbanck, Kerry Purtell, Umut Ozbek, Julia TCW, Sara Violante.
Previous Members: Ricky S Joshi, Victor Leyva-Grado, Ryan Cummings, Alison Sanders, Catarina Saiote, Nicholas Barbieri, Rafael Fenutria, Nicolas Babault.

Would you like to join us?
We need both entertainers and non-entertainers, but what is essential are good vibes and lots of crazy ideas. It’s meant to be pure fun and as much fun for us as for the kids!!!
We meet once or twice to prepare the shows and meet again for the actual 30-minute show once a month at 6pm.
This is a great experience for all involved and making children happy must be the greatest compensation ever.

If you’d like to join the Playdocs, please contact the PEC at: