Project Management for Academia and Industry Short Course

Project Management for Academia and Industry Short Course

 The course is designed to equip postdoctoral fellows with critical organization, management and leadership skills, and enable a more successful transition into the workforce. The course was developed in 2017 by the Co-Chairs of the PEC and Project Managers from the Institute of Genetics and Genomic Sciences (GGS).

More about the course

The course runs on a yearly basis and consists of four 1.5-hour modules that are taught by certified project managers and subject matter experts. We are constantly improving and updating the syllabus; however, topics you can expect to be covered are as follows:

– Project scope and risk management

– Time management

– Tools for project planning

– Leadership styles and assigning responsibility

– Dealing with team dynamics

– Types of grants and grant submission

– Budget planning

Here is some feedback from postdocs that have taken the course:

“This is a great opportunity”

“You should take it as soon as possible!”

“I found the class informative and short enough that it wasn’t too time consuming”

“The course is a useful guide, and helps in defining future paths”

“Go ahead, it’s great!”

“(It should be) mandatory for PI’s and postdocs at the beginning of their appointment”

How to apply

Our last session took place in May 2019. A proposed date for our next session will be announced on this website in the near future.