Advocacy Resources

Here you can find postdoc resources that you need.

Housing in campus and off-campus

The vast majority of Mount Sinai postdocs live on-campus for the first 3 years of their employment. After that period they have to look for their off-campus options. As PEC committee we understand that it can be a hectic task to find a place in New York City that best fits the criteria of a postdoc. We also realize that apartment hunting can be even more challenging for those who are not US citizens or for those who search from outside the US. Therefore, the goal of this page is to provide Practical resources to postdocs that are leaving the Mount Sinai housing, including websites, information on neighborhoods, potential roommates and more in order to help you develop your best off-campus housing strategy. If you would like to have more information about Mount Sinai Housing application and eligibility you can visit the the postdoc housing webpage:



Daycare and Parent’s group. Here, you can find the daycare lists and our results about the 2018 Parent’s survey. Now you can join our slack student and postdoc parent’s group using your mssm e-mail address: In that group parents exchange information about: daycares, babysitters, babyitems, nanny_sharing, fun_staff, support. If you would like to have more info about that contact us or visit the Woman in MSTP website



Mental health support

We collected information to support you. You can also find more information and details of people to contact in the following webpage:


We are working on Medical insurance and tax information.

If you would like to have more information about postdoc resources and you want to add and have more initiatives more please contact:

All resources are collected by PEC members and are not ufficial documents.