Welcome to PEERS

The PEERS program is a longitudinal curriculum designed by students for students, comprised of smallgroups that take place twice a year throughout medical school. Each session tackles stressors specific to each stage of training and equips learners with tangible skills to help manage personal and academic challenges and thrive.
The content is comprised of discussion, mindfulness exercises, and evidence-based techniques from multiple modalities including cognitive behavioral therapy, positive psychology, and others. Each group is lead by a psychiatry resident and a senior medical student, with whom students are paired throughout all four years of
medical school. The goal is to facilitate a safe space for open discussion, to teach practical resilience skills, and to offer mentorship. In short, this program is about enabling students to identify and maintain their values and find meaning in
their day-to-day lives through the stress and excitement of medical school. Over time, we hope this will be an opportunity to develop supportive relationships among peers and mentors


(1) Creating a neutral space for reflection
(2) Fostering relationships and community among peers and mentors
(3) Educating students on resilience, well-being and self-care
(4) Developing coping skills in structured skills-based groups
(5) Applying well-being to the practice of sustainable, high quality patient care