Group Organization

Student Groups
The groups will comprise of students from Art and Science of Medicine (ASM) class, a cohort of eight students that meet weekly for academic class and have an established relationship with one another. There are 18 ASM groups per class. Each session is 90 minutes
Group Leaders
Groups will be lead by psychiatry residents whose role is to facilitate discussion, teach coping skills, and offer mentorship. First-year medical students are paired with a psychiatry intern as group leader, and these mentoring cohorts continue throughout the four years of medical school and residency, respectively. Importantly, residents are not providing mental health treatment, and this is an educational and supportive environment. After each session, group leaders will email students individually to offer support and open a line of communication. The role of senior medical student co-leaders. Sessions will include senior medical student liaisons whose role is to encourage participation and share personal experiences during discussions. These students are familiar with the class structure and school culture and can provide additional mentorship specific to the Mount Sinai medical school experience.