Single-Payer Supporters

Dear Mt. Sinai current and future physicians,


We’re witnessing an important moment in the movement for universal healthcare coverage in the U.S. In the House of Representatives, 120 Democrats have co-sponsored the single-payer healthcare bill (HR 676), and in the US Senate 16 Democrats have co-sponsored the Medicare-for-all bill (SB 1804).


In the New York state legislature, the State Senate is one vote away from passing the New York Health Act. This single-payer bill will return medical decision-making to doctors, patients, science, and public health. It has passed the Assembly three years in a row, and Governor Andrew Cuomo recently announced his support for a single-payer health plan.[1]


Here in New York, you can help lead the way to universal coverage by signing the New York physician’s petition to support the New York Health Act!


Why do physicians support the New York Health Act?

  • Gives all patients the same access to care and improve health outcomes
  • Reduces the medical complications that arise when patients delay care for fear of cost
  • It lets physicians spend more time caring for patients and less time filling out forms
  • Frees physicians to practice medicine based on scientific research and clinical training, instead of being constrained by insurance denials and patients’ inability to access to tests and treatments
  • Simplifies the practice of medicine and mitigate many factors that contribute to physician burnout
  • Creates a single insurer that is accountable to health of the people of New York


Support from current and future physicians is key to helping pass the New York Health Act. The health insurance industry will be fear-mongering, claiming that doctors will oppose this bill, leave the state, or refuse to participate. Help us show the legislature and the public that they are wrong and that doctors welcome this reform. More than half of doctors nationwide support single-payer.[2]


Help us reach 10,000 current and future physicians who endorse the New York Health Act.


Thank you for your support,

Physicians for a National Health Program – New York Metro Chapter

Students for National Health Program  – Mt Sinai Chapter


P.S. Not a New York doctor or medical student, but want to support the movement for Medicare for all? U.S. health professionals and allied students can sign here. And everyone can sign here.