March Details for NYC

Mount Sinai Marches around the Big Apple!

March with Mount Sinai

Want to participate? SIGN UP here.

**The first 400 Mount Sinai participants who sign up will receive a free march t-shirt, Designed by our very own Megan Fredericks!!!


10:30 AM – Meet at Guggenheim Pavilion. We will take the subway to Foley Square at 10:45am.

11:30 AM – Mount Sinai will meet at the corner of Centre Street and Chambers Street

12:00 PM– Opening Rally at Foley Square begins

1:30 PM – March Begins!!!

3:00 PM – Interactive Science Expo at 1 Pace Plaza

Two ways to locate the Sinai group:

  1. Look for Mount Sinai banner/signs.
  2. Add the GPS-sharing app, Glympse (iOS/Android), to make it easier to meet up in case there is difficulty in finding the Sinai contingent.

Request the Sinai marchers’ location through the app by typing in this phone number: 716-491- 5674


For more information, visit:

**For updates, check out our Facebook & Twitter accounts: @MountSinaiMarch

Signs, Banners, Props, & Balloons

Please note that for safety reasons, NYPD won’t permit signs affixed to wooden sticks or metal poles, i.e. anything that is hard or can be used as a weapon. You can use materials like pieces of cardboard, cardboard tubes, or string.

It is against city regulations to tape your signs to any kind of public property, such as trees, light posts or police barricades. Putting markings on sidewalks – permanent or not – is considered graffiti by the city. This includes sidewalk chalk.

Remember this event is taking place on Earth Day and as science enthusiasts let’s try to use recyclable material for posters – and please don’t leave them scattered on the streets or in subway stations.

Balloons will not be allowed at the event.