Student Activities Calendar

We are happy to announce a new and improved Student Activities Calendar. The calendar is available online and on Blackboard under the Calendars section (you must be logged in on Blackboard to access this link). The latest events are also displayed in the sidebar for this website.

You can subscribe to this calendar on your Mac, iPhone, or in GCal. The calendar will then self-update regularly with the newest events. To do this, right click (Ctrl-click on Macs) this link to the iCal feed and Copy the Link Address to your clipboard. Then if, you use GCal, add it by pasting it in the dialog opened by the following menu option:


Or, if you use iCal on the Mac, add it similarly by going to File > New Calendar Subscription… and pasting it there. If you save the new calendar in iCloud, and your iPhone uses iCloud, it will be synced to your phone too. If you don’t use iCloud or iCal, you can still add a separate calendar subscription on an iOS device.

Instructions for event organizers

IMPORTANT: All events sponsored by Student Council must be publicized to all students by being submitted to this calendar. Events that do not appear on this calendar cannot be reimbursed.

  1. Adding events: Use the Event Submission form. Events can only be submitted with a or email address. Once you submit the event, you will receive a confirmation email that your event has been created. This email will include the EventID for your event.
  2. Deleting events: Use the Event Deletion form. Submit the EventID you received in your confirmation email and your event will be deleted.
  3. Modifying an event: Please delete the event and re-submit a new event.

Additional guidelines

  1. The calendar is meant to advertise student focused events. It should not be used to solicit volunteers or for other forms of advertising.
  2. This calendar is public so please keep that in mind when submitting events to the calendar.
  3. Events should not be day long events or for multi-day conferences. They should generally be 1-2 hour long events.

Feel free to reach out to if you have any questions or encounter any problems using the calendar.