Student Lounge Reservations


The following is the official calendar of reservations for the Levinson Student Center, commonly referred to as the Student Lounge. To make a reservation for your group, please fill out this form. The event will them be posted onto the official calendar, and you will receive a confirmation by email. The full policy for making a reservation is listed below. For general issues related to the Student Lounge, please contact your respective class representative.

To submit an event to the general student events calendar, please fill out this form.

Reservation Policy

Student Requests

All Mount Sinai students have the opportunity to reserve the main lounge or conference room for events in relation to (1) officially recognized Student Council organizations, (2) student-run electives, or (3) official school-wide events.

Individual students may not officially reserve the student center for personal or non-student group related events.  However, students are free to use the student center for non-student group related events provided they acknowledge that their use is not guaranteed, is subject to availability of the student center, and their event does not preclude the use of the student center by other students.

Non-Student Requests

The Levinson Student Center Main Lounge is available for reservation to non-students only for official school-wide events.

The Levinson Student Center Conference Room will be available for non-student reservations as follows:

  • The Conference Room will be available for Admissions Office tours during the lunch hour throughout the interview season as needed.
  • The Conference Room will be available by request for the Alumni Association, assuming no conflicts arise with student centered events.
  • The Conference Room will not be available for administrative classes or electives, except for student run electives as detailed above.

General Policies

  • All requests to reserve the main lounge or conference room require approval by the Levinson Student Center Representative and should be emailed to
  • Reservations will be honored for legitimate events on a first come basis.
  • Reservations are available for review on the Blackboard calendar.
  • Student Council reserves the right to review and/or deny any reservation request for the Main Lounge or Conference Room.
  • Anyone wishing to appeal a decision is welcome to do so by emailing  Appeals will be referred to the Steering Committee for review and may then be referred to the entire Student Council meeting for final vote.
  • Any reservation request not covered by the above policies should be directed to