Q. I’ve graduated this May, do I have to waive out of Aetna Student Health Insurance?

A.  No,  the School will automatically terminate your student health insurance effective, June 30, 2019.

Q. Can I enroll in Dental and/or Vision insurance but not the Aetna Health Insurance Plan?

A.  Yes,  the School contracts with United Health Care for the Dental and Vision Policies, make sure that your other health insurance doesn’t offer Dental and/or Vision coverage.

Q.  I’m on scholarly year and return after the enrollment period for continuing students,  how do I enroll or waive the Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan?

A.  If you are enrolled in Aetna now, and do not want to change your insurance, you do not need to take any steps.  If you have a different insurance policy at your hospital/school while on Scholarly leave, then whenever you return to school, come by the Enrollment Services Office, Annenberg Building, Room 12-70, to enroll or waive your health insurance.  Returning from scholarly year, and losing your current insurance qualifies as a Life Event, making you eligible to enroll or waive outside the usual enrollment periods within 30 days of the life qualifying event.

Q. I’m from Florida, but currently live in Aron Hall, can I still apply for NYS Medicaid coverage?

A.  Yes,  in order to qualify for NYS Medicaid Coverage you must be 18 years of age or older,  have zero income and reside in NYS.

Q. I’m an international student living in Aron Hall, can I apply for NYS Medicaid coverage?

A.  No, NYS medicaid requires proof of citizenship or permanent residency.  Policies may change,  check with www.health.ny.gov

Q. I currently have Aetna Health Insurance, is there anything I need to do to continue my health insurance with Aetna?

A.  No, your current Aetna Insurance policy automatically renews from year to year, until you graduate.