Current Initiatives

THAW has established multiple initiatives aimed at improving trainee wellness.

Peer Mentorship: Addressing Feelings of Isolation

We have implemented graduate school-wide peer-mentorship programs. Incoming PhD and MSBS students are matched with peer mentorship “families”, to answer questions and provide support prior to and throughout their grad school careers. We also aim to address social isolation through regular social events!

Access to Mental Health Care: Addressing Barriers to Good Mental Health

We are advocating for improved access to mental health care for graduate students and postdocs, and have been instrumental in a campaign to increase awareness of the mental health care tools and options currently available to Mount Sinai trainees. Check your email inbox for our newsletters or visit our resources tab for information about our wellness podcast, where we introduce different people and resources at Sinai related to mental health.

Resilience Training: Addressing Stress Management in Academia

By expanding and adapting the PEERS program (originally designed for MD students)  to PhD and MSBS students, we will provide graduate students with the tools to navigate the challenges and stresses of academic life without harming their wellbeing. In the long term, we hope to expand this program to postdocs as well.

Panels and Workshops: De-stigmatizing Discussions About Mental Health in Academia

We host panels, workshops, and discussions that bring together students, postdocs, mental health professionals, and faculty to discuss topics related to mental health and wellness. Past topics include how to deal with burnout, how to find good mentors, and how to negotiate with your PI. Keep an eye our for upcoming events related to combating imposter syndrome!

Get in touch, and get involved! If you have suggestions for new initiatives, or want to help us push existing initiatives forward, contact us!