Peer Mentorship

The creation of THAW in Fall 2016, concurrent with the Dean’s Task Force on the Learning Environment led to a school-wide needs assessment of the barriers to thriving and well-being at Mount Sinai. The highest priority item identified was trainees’ feelings of isolation. To directly target this barrier to thriving, THAW decided to implement a peer mentorship program graduate-school wide. Ideation began in December 2016 and the program was rolled out for incoming PhD students on April 18th 2017. Since then, we have created self-sustaining peer-mentorship programs within PhD students, select Masters’ programs, and postdoctoral fellows, and these peer mentorship programs crossover for career and life mentoring, as well as for social events – all intended to provide trainees with peer support and a sense of community to combat their sense of isolation. See the above links for information on each program.