Welcome to WildMed

Founded in 2016 by four strapping first-year medical students with a collective appreciation for the great outdoors, the ISMMS Wilderness Medicine Interest Group (WildMed) was conceived with a clear four-pronged mission in mind: (1) to raise awareness for and foster interest in this incredibly dynamic, undeniably fascinating, and largely underrepresented medical specialty, (2) connect students with a large network of like-minded physicians who have extensive experience and knowledge in the field, (3) nurture a deep lifelong love for Mother Nature and all she has to offer, and (4) advocate the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance and the unapologetic pursuit of passions outside of the professional realm. Whether it is by bringing in adventurers from around the world to come share their stories, organizing camping trips in the middle of the Northeast wilderness, or practicing improvised medicine techniques, we vow to uphold these objectives to the best of our ability.