About WebCommons

WebCommons is an online community for Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai students to publish web content about extracurricular and academic activities. Members of student organizations with an approving faculty mentor may create an official website for their group. WebCommons is free for ISMMS students and administered by the Academic IT Support Center.

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Questions about WebCommons?

Recently we’ve added a series of tutorials on how to use WebCommons. These tutorials walk you through what’s involved in getting a site and making basic content, then more advanced features.

If the tutorial doesn’t cover it, don’t be shy, just ask the Student Council Secretaries, who are the central student contact for all issues about WebCommons.

WebCommons is continually developed and improved with the input of Student Council, particularly the Academic IT subcommittee, so if you have broader ideas for how it could be better, contact your favorite representative (class or subcommittee).

Want to start a student group?

That’s awesome! For official recognition and funding by Student Council, please check out this guide to student organization funding.

Leader of an existing student group?

Once your group and its budget for the semester has been approved by Student Council, you will need the following forms to be reimbursed for events. To be reimbursed in a timely fashion, please follow the Treasurer’s instructions closely.