Welcome to KidZone TV!

Ready to Launch your Acting Career?

Hands-on-Science is a student run monthly show broadcasted through KidZone TV at the Kravis Children Hospital. It is a fun way to help patients and their families feel as comfortable as possible while in the hospital. Patients come in to watch or often call in to ask questions.


  • Teach children about science in a fun and interactive way
  • Create a therapeutic diversion for stresses of hospitalization and illness
  • Encourage involvement of medical students in the pediatric environment


How to get involved??

  • Host: Ever dreamed of walking the red carpet at the Oscars? Lead a show in front of the camera!! Take on a wacky persona or just be yourself. Make a short powerpoint and chose an experiment from our list (or come up with your own!) and show the world (Read: The Kravis Hospital) what you can do
  • Producer: Organize the show from set-up to showtime. Make sure things are running smoothly and coordinate group communication.
  • Scriptwriter: Write a script — your imagination is the limit
  • Audience Member: Call in or come watch to get a feel for it

How it works

1. Pick a theme, date and team

2. Plan and be ready about a week in advance

3. Arrive 30 minutes prior to showtime and the show is 30 minutes


Low commitment, fun, and engaging! Teams usually take only 1-2 hours of planning at the most. Just sign up and come try it yourself