The Student High Value Care Initiative is a student-led organization founded in 2015, dedicated to improving value and decreasing cost of care for patients. Unnecessary testing and treatment can often cause physical and financial harm to patients and the institution. Student High Value Care Initiative members form collaborative teams that strive to identify sources of low value care and implement creative interventions to decrease overuse in the hospital. Students are provided with a curriculum to teach the basic tenets of high value care and quality improvement. All groups receive institutional support and direct mentorship, in addition to institutional support for data gathering and processing and preparation of academic work. Students work closely with Dr. Anne Linker, Dr. Reem Aoun and other faculty from the Mount Sinai hospital system High Value Care Committee.

Our students come from the medical school and master’s programs at the Icahn School of Medicine, and we are currently working to expand the curriculum to other disciplines. Our students have the opportunity to present their work and plans for innovation yearly at our Pitch Day event, typically held in December. Many student groups go on to present their work nationally at conferences, and share their findings in academic publications. We find that many of the projects have a lasting impact on our work at Mount Sinai!

We are currently recruiting new student members for the 2023-2024 academic year. Please reach out to us at anne.linker@mountsinai.org if you are interested!