Our Games

You can find our games in the beautiful Annenberg Student Lounge.  All of our games are available for use by Sinai students at any time, not just during club game nights.  Feel free to play them!  Many members bring additional games to our monthly game nights, making it a fun time to try new games.  Please join us for food and fun!


Ticket to Ride Europe is a cross-continental train adventure game; 2-5 players collect and play matching train cards to claim railway routes connecting cities across Europe.  This game is easy to learn and fun for both novice and experienced gamers.


A game of city building, colonization and trade for 2-4 players.  Harvest resources from hexagonal tiles to build out cities and roads and acquire victory points as you expand your empire.


A beloved classic.   One or more players practice their surgical skills by using tweezers to remove Cavity Sam’s wacky aliments.  Not a substitute for surgical rotations.


2-5 players working cooperatively to build numerically ascending decks of the same suit in order to set of a simulated fireworks show.  The catch?  You cannot see your cards.  You can only rely on information given to you by the other players.  This is a difficult game even for experienced players, but it is a favorite of our group.


Will you be a powerful mutant, a death robot, or a giant alien?  2-6 players players battle to build the strongest monster and be crowned King of Tokyo.


An Apples to Apples style card game for terrible people.  One player draws a black “question” card, and the remaining players anonymously answer with their most amusing or offensive (or both!) white “response” card.  For 3+ players, best in large groups.


Diseases are breaking out all over the world.  Can you cure them before mankind is wiped out?  In this game, 2-4 players work together and travel around the world collecting cards, treating diseases, and building research stations.  Each player takes on a different role with a unique ability to contain outbreaks and fight for a cure. 


A classic game for 2+ players.  Flick the spinner and see where you need to place your hands and feet on the mat.  How far can you stretch without falling down?