The Ultrasound Interest Group is a student run organization founded in 2016

Our goal is to raise awareness of and to teach how to utilize point-of-care ultrasound, specifically handheld ultrasound technologies, to attain a better understanding of human anatomy, physiology, and disease in order to augment the current medical curriculum. Participants will take part in workshops wherein they actually learn to acquire and interpret images.

Check out this piece from the New England Journal of Medicine published by physicians from Harvard Medical School on integrating point-of-care ultrasound in to medical education:

“In one study, first-year medical students using point-of-care ultrasound outperformed board-certified cardiologists using bedside cardiovascular physical examination in identifying cardiac abnormalities, identifying 75% of conditions, as compared with 49% identified by the cardiologists. Another study showed that medical students using point-of-care ultrasound more accurately estimated liver size than did board-certified internists performing a physical examination.”

Do you want to get involved? On this website, you can check out our events, find out how to contact us, or learn about our current leadership!