The Health Policy Program (HPP) challenges students to learn and think critically about the complexities of healthcare systems at home and abroad. The organization brings together passionate students who are motivated to care for their future patients through the lens of healthcare systems and policy.

The Health Policy Program Program includes:

  1. Frequent open discussions on the most pressing issues in healthcare with leading experts in policy, health systems and business.
  2. A tight-knit and engaged community of like-minded students interested in the healthcare world outside of medicine.
  3. Opportunities for mentorship, research, publications and conference attendance.

Some of our scholars with mentor, Dr. Trevor Pour, and U.S. Senator Tim Kaine at a national emergency medicine conference.

On this website, check out ourĀ events, discover our courses and learn about us! Click the “Contact Us / Apply to HPP” tab to ask us questions or send in an application! We hope to be a resource on all things health policy for you and the Sinai community.