Brain Awareness Week Fair: During the Brain Awareness Week Fair more than 600 students, parents, and community members come to Mount Sinai to touch a real brain, see through the eyes of a neurosurgeon, and take photos with the gigantic inflatable brain.

P.S. 171 Introductory Neuroscience Course: In collaboration with the Center for Excellence in Youth Education, MiNDS teaches an introductory neuroscience course at Patrick Henry P.S. 171.

Public Lecture: At the annual Public Lecture, speakers discuss the interplay between public health issues, research on the brain, and policymaking.

Sheep Brain Dissections: What better way to learn about the brain than taking a look inside it? MiNDS hosts a sheep brain dissection where 3rd grade students learn about the anatomy of the brain first hand.

Storytelling: Studying the Brain features five true, personal stories of science told live on stage by Mount Sinai scientists. From the tragic to the hilarious, these stories explore the deeply human themes of brain research.

March for Science: The March for Science is a global movement to advocate for evidence-based policy. Each year, MiNDS showcases the neuroscience research underway at Mount Sinai at the teach-in.