Celebrating Dr Yasmin Hurd – January 2018

Dr Yasmin Hurd, PhD is the Ward-Coleman Chair of Translational Neuroscience and the Director of the Addiction Institute at Mount Sinai. She was nominated into the National Academy of Medicine in 2018 and SEOS hosted a celebration to congratulate her on this achievement.

In attendance included the Dean for the Graduate School Dr. Marta Filizola, PhD; the Associate Dean for Graduate School Well-Being and Resilience, Dr. Basil Hanss, PhD; the Director of the Office for Women’s Careers, Dr. Sandra Masur, PhD; the Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer for the Mount Sinai Health System and Senior Associate Dean for Diversity Programs, Policy and Community Affairs, Dr. Gary Butts, MD; the Associate Dean for Diversity & Inclusion in Biomedical Education, Dr. Ann-Gel Palermo, Dr Ph; the Dean for Research Operations and Infrastructure, Dr. Reginald W Miller, DVM, DACLAM; and the Program Director of the Mount Sinai Post-Baccalaureate Research Education Program and of the pre-doctoral Integrated Pharmacological Sciences Training Program, Dr Terry Ann Krulwich, PhD.