Shadowing practicing EM residents or attending physicians is a great way to learn more about the field and patient management in the ED. If you would like to shadow, please follow the steps below. 

Note: Shadowing is only open to Mount Sinai students, who must wear their Mount Sinai ID at all times while shadowing.

  1. Complete all school compliance requirements for clinical work, including mask fitting as appropriate
  2. Follow instructions on the Google Sheet to view physician schedules and sign up for a shift to shadow
  3. Email the attending to confirm
  4. Have an awesome time in the ED!

More information:

The ED is split into many sections. The Adult ED is broken into four teams: “Intake”, “Acute 1,” “Acute 2,” and “Resus”. The Intake team cares for patients who are ambulatory and who will (likely) eventually be discharged from the department. This is where you will see laceration repairs, fractures, rashes, and eye/dental complaints. The two Acute teams see sicker patients who may need a more extensive workup (DKA, altered mental status, chest pain, abdominal pain). The Resus team cares for the sickest people in the ED (strokes, overdoses, unstable vital signs). Lastly, there is a Pediatric ED, which also has a separate team. You’re welcome to shadow in any of these areas.


  • Attire: Scrubs or business casual, with or without your white coat (ask the attending you’re shadowing what they’d prefer). Be sure to bring your ID and a stethoscope. Men, no need for a tie. No open toed shoes.
  • Professionalism: Remember that patients are watching you and judging our department based on your behavior, demeanor, and language. Be aware and act accordingly. If a patient approaches you with a question you can’t answer, find someone who can.
  • When you arrive: If you do not know where the various ED sections are, explain at the reception desk that you are there to shadow and ask where to go. If you know where to go already (and are wearing ID), just walk in. Once in the ED, ask a nurse or doctor at the desk in the center of the ED where to find your attending if you do not see him or her.
  • Extra: Ask questions! Get involved! Depending on how busy the shift is, your attending might have lots of time to teach… or very little. We apologize in advance for those busy shifts, but stay close and hang out. You’re sure to see a lot on those days. Also, feel free to ask questions as appropriate and offer to help. You’ll get what you give.