MedDOCs is an after school opportunity for high school students interested in science and medicine, hosted at Mount Sinai Hospital. Through interactive activities, lectures, and mentorship from medical and graduate students, MedDOCs students learn about exciting topics in anatomy and physiology, including cardiology, pulmonology, and neurology.

Fall 2019 Cardiovascular Session Application can be accessed HERE

Due: Sunday, September 8, at 11:59pm

The program is held three times a year and lasts 7 -8 weeks, with three separate sessions:

  • Fall session: The cardiovascular system
  • Spring session #1: The pulmonary system
  • Spring session #2: Neuroscience, neurology, and neurosurgery

Our application for the Fall 2019 Cardiovascular Session can be accessed here and is due Sunday, September 8 at 11:59pm. Please note the session is scheduled for Thursdays, 4-5:30pm at the Mount Sinai Hospital from September 26-November 14. Also, please note that MedDOCs has become a very competitive program and for the 2019-2020 cycle, we will only accept applications in the Fall. Any spots that open up for our Pulmonology and Neurology Sessions will be offered to those on the waitlist from Cardiology.

First-year medical students and graduate students teach the MedDOCs students about organ anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology through various hands-on teaching modalities. Our support for this initiative aligns with MedDOCs’ overall vision to spur the interest of minority and underserved youth towards a career in medicine and to increase minority representation in the basic science and medical fields. We aim to inspire self-confidence, provide individualized guidance, and maintain a support system for students as they progress through the Mount Sinai CEYE pipeline programs.

MedDOCs also offers a summer internship program for MedDOCs alumni, called MedDOCs+. Students who have successfully completed the MedDOCs program are invited to apply to volunteer at the Mount Sinai Hospital in various departments. Students are selected for MedDOCs+ from a separate, competitive application process.

Do you want to get involved as a student with MedDOCs?

  • New Students: Apply by Sunday, September 8 to participate in MedDOCs cardiology!
  • Returning students: Students who have completed MedDOCs cardio and/or MedDOCs pulmonology are eligible to apply for MedDOCs+ (summer internship program) and/or MedDOCs neurology.
  • For graduates of MedDOCs programs, MedDOCs+ Summer Internship Application becomes available in March every year.
  • For additional Summer opportunities from Mount Sinai’s Center for Excellence in Youth Education, check out their website here.

Do you want to get involved as a mentor with MedDOCs? Medical and graduate students at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai are invited to apply. Email us if you’re interested in becoming a mentor (mount.sinai.meddocs@gmail.com).

Please email us with any questions at mount.sinai.meddocs@gmail.com!