Our Fall 2017 Cardio application is now OPEN! We are looking forward to reading all of your applications.

MedDOCs is a 7 -8 week program held three times a year, once in the fall and twice during the spring semesters. The program offers three separate curricula: the fall session focuses on the cardiovascular system, the first spring session focuses on the pulmonary system, and the second focuses on topics related to neuroscience, neurology, and neurosurgery.

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First-year medical students teach the MedDOCs students about organ anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology through various hands-on teaching modalities. Our support for this initiative aligns with MedDOCs’ overall vision to spur the interest of minority and underserved youth towards a career in medicine and to increase minority representation in the basic science and medical fields. We aim to inspire self-confidence, provide individualized guidance, and maintain a support system for students as they progress through the Mount Sinai CEYE pipeline programs.

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