Submit Questions about the School here and we’ll do our best to answer them. Please fill out the PheeDback form so that it may be brought to the rest of PhD leadership at the PhD Leadership Meeting (PLM)!

Previously Answered Questions

Can the school subsidize or purchase Microsoft Office licenses for students?: Microsoft Office is actually available for all students for free! You can find the link to set up your free subscription here.  

Park Ave Alarm: We have contacted Rose Associates about this alarm, and alternative methods that are less disturbing to the general community. We will communicate the results of these discussions as they occur.

Masters Student Housing:While we cannot offer housing to masters students at this time, we are working with the masters program representatives to build a comprehensive resource for incoming masters students to help in the process of finding living accommodations.

Is there a better way to track Deadlines/Expectations?: Going forward, emails will be sent to students with expectations at the beginning of each year. Additionally, there will be a new resource by which students and the graduate school may track the completion of these milestones. This has been a joint effort by the graduate school Steering Committee and Student Affairs Committee, and will be disseminated to students in the coming weeks.

Can there be a central database of labs accepting rotation students?: You can now find a database of PIs accepting rotations students on our website.  We would like to stress that this list only encompasses PIs that responded to us, and may not reflect all PIs taking students.  We will update this at the beginning of each year.

Can we find Masters Students housing?: It is not within the ability of Student Council to obtain housing for masters students. With this understanding, we, the PhD representatives have decided to begin conversations with the Masters representatives to create an opt-in database of current masters students, where they live, when they plan on moving out, as well as landlord information to make the process of finding housing easier on incoming masters students.

The Park Avenue alarm is causing disturbances: It is currently the policy of Aron hall that the entrance on Park Ave is for emergency use only.  We have referred the feedback regarding the intrusiveness of the alarm to the housing subcommittee of Student Council so that different approaches can be discussed.

How do we reserve rooms other than the student lounge?: Student Council only has purview over the reservation of the student lounge. Booking information for that space can be found here.  That said, you can reserve other rooms on campus by contacting the administrator for the floor. For example, on the fifth floor, you would contact the Graduate School office.  If you wish to reserve the fifth floor classroom (Annenberg 5-212) please fill out and submit this form. For department conference rooms, you would contact the department administrator.

Can the child care options be expanded?:  This is part of a ten year plan on the part of the Icahn School of Medicine and cannot be changed quickly. In efforts to expand this, the new building being constructed will include a daycare.

Can we make animal training part of orientation?: This is unfortunately too time consuming to include over the course of orientation.  Additionally, animal models are very lab specific and animal resources completely separate from the graduate school’s administration.  For questions regarding how to get animal training, please contact either your PI or the vivarium office.

Please place an AccuPure in Aron Hall: There is currently an Accupure in Aron Hall’s gym.

First Year Stipend Rollout Date: In order to receive your stipend, students must activate their Sinai Central account and then sign up for Direct Deposit. Find instructions for activating your Sinai Central HERE. Instructions for Direct Deposit can be found HERE. Feel free to direct any questions regarding finances to Osei Tutu in the Graduate School Office (osei.tutu@mssm.edu). It takes roughly two pay cycles to be added to payroll. As such once signed up, first year students can expect a full paycheck on September 7th.

New Aron Hall Alarm: As per the new Housing policies, the back door of Aron is no longer to be used as a routine exit, and should only be used in the case of emergencies.  Please respect the tenants on the backside of the building by avoiding using this door inappropriately, setting off alarms. Administration is investigating the new housing policies and their rationale, and we will inform you as that progresses.

Google Drive After Graduation: You will have access to your student account up until September 30th. This account will not roll over to an alumni account and will be deactivated. If you need to save any documents or emails from your student account, you will need to forward them to your Sinai email account (MSSM or MSH) or your personal account. Please be advised that forwarding any emails from your student account to your personal account that contain PHI is prohibited.

Writing and Presentation Courses: This is currently a priority of the Graduate Steering Committee.  We will keep you all updated with the results of those discussions.

Who does the Lab Ceremony celebrate?: This ceremony will celebrate incoming PhD Students (who will receive a lab coat), and students that passed their Thesis Proposal exam in the last year (who will be receiving a congratulatory plaque).  Students that have passed the Thesis Proposal exam in the last year will be invited to the ceremony by the Graduate School Administration in the next few weeks. There will be a celebratory reception after the ceremony that all students are encouraged to attend.

Housing for MSBS Students: This issue is currently being handled by THAW. We will update you on their efforts as this progresses.

Can we get Discounted Metrocards?: Unfortunately, this is not something that leadership is able to pursue at this time. However, Sinai does offer a discounted Citi bike membership, the information for which can be found here.