• Who is invited to attend this symposium?

Undergraduates conducting summer or yearly research at their institution are invited to participate in this symposium, particularly those who are considering pursuing a higher degree in science or medicine. Students may be accompanied by their faculty mentors and fellow contributing scientists. We ask that all individuals who plan to attend to register in advance.

  • Who is invited to present research at this symposium?

Any undergraduate student whose research topic intersects and overlaps with biology, chemistry, computational or structural biochemistry, or biomedical studies is encouraged to submit an abstract and present their research. This symposium is open to undergraduates from any institution from any location.

  • Which section should I register my abstract in?

While all research projects related to the biomedical field are welcome, we require presenters to identify the most appropriate primary discipline of their studies during registration of their abstract. While the division between disciplines is flexible, the list below can offer some guidance for participants:

•    Cancer
•    Cell Biology
•    Development
•    Evolution
•    Ecology
•    Genetics
•    Immunology
•    Medicine
•    Microbiology
•    Neuroscience
•    Plant Biology

•    Environmental Chemistry
•    Fluorescence
•    Inorganic / Organo-metallic Chemistry
•    Materials science
•    Methodology / Analysis
•    Organic Synthesis
•    Physical Chemistry
•    Polymers
•    Proteins / Supramolecular Spectroscopy 
•    Surface Chemistry / Catalysis
Biochemistry / Molecular Biology
•    Bacteriology
•    Cancer research
•    Carbohydrates
•    Gene therapy / Gene function
•    Metabolism
•    Methodology / Analysis
•    Protein Biology / Function
•    Receptors / Signal Transduction
•    RNA
•    Spectroscopy / Photochemistry
•    Virology

Computational / Biotechnology
•    Bioinformatics
•    Biotechnology
•    Computational Biology
•    Genetics
•    Mathematical Modeling
•    Methodology / Analysis
•    Materials Science
•    Nanoparticles / Nanotechnology
•    Protein structure / Function
•    Proteins / Supramolecular Spectroscopy
  • How many undergraduate researchers may co-present a single poster?

Each poster may be co-presented by no more than two undergraduate student researchers. Co-presenters should submit one Abstract Registration Form together; only one abstract should be submitted per poster. Co-presenters should be demarcated on their poster, but additional author’s contributions must be properly represented in abstract and poster.

  • What affiliation should a student researcher list on their abstract and poster?

The affiliation listed on the abstract and poster should be the undergraduate institution where the student was enrolled at the time the research was conducted. If research was conducted at an institution other than the matriculating school, the hosting/sponsoring affiliation and/or research program should be listed on the poster where appropriate (in authorship affiliation or acknowledgements).

  • Will the host institution offer any reimbursement for costs or print my poster?

Unfortunately, the institution cannot offer to offset the cost of travel or poster printing for this event. Attendees will be responsible for their own travel and accommodations in New York City. Additionally, participants must print their own posters to be brought to the symposium.

  • What is the maximum poster size for this symposium?

Posters presented at the Undergraduate Research Symposium must be 36-inches by 42-inches (~92 cm by ~107 cm). Posters may be presented either in landscape or portrait orientation. Additional information is available on the Poster Requirements page.

  • How are abstracts distributed following registration and at the Symposium?

All abstracts will be published online here on the website. Judges will be provided with a printed copy of abstracts they are responsible for judging. In order to be environmentally responsible, abstract books will not be printed for attendees the day of the Symposium.

  • Science makes me hungry. Will food be provided during the Symposium?

The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences will provide package lunches for all attendees of the Symposium. There will be scheduled breaks during the symposium where coffee and light-fare refreshments will be offered. Additionally, attendees can purchase coffee and food from an in-house Starbucks kiosk found in the presentation space as well as the hospital cafeteria. While the Icahn School of Medicine will attempt to meet the dietary needs of all the registered attendees, individuals with severe or several food allergies are encouraged to bring their own food.

  • Where can I learn more information about the degree programs offered at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai?

For individuals interested in pursuing a Masters or PhD, please visit:

For individuals interested in pursuing a medical degree, please visit:

  • I have more questions!

Feel free to email undergrad.symposium@icahn.mssm.edu