PI and Mentor Information

The Icahn School of Medicine Undergraduate Research Symposium would not be possible without the efforts of PIs and mentors. You are the reason undergraduates have the opportunity to gain invaluable early career experience conducting novel research. Your guidance and support will help propel your students into careers in science, research, medicine, and technology. The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences welcomes all PIs and Mentors to accompany their researchers to the event.

Abstract Submission and Approval

All presenters in the Undergraduate Symposium are required to get their submissions approved by their principle investigator, or someone that has been designated to do the approval. After abstracts are submitted, an email will be generated and sent to the corresponding PI to confirm their approval of the presenter’s submission.

Please note, all submitted abstracts will be published online in the Program Book and therefore available to anyone who visits the website. Additionally, the abstracts will be printed and distributed to judges during the event. Please ensure that the information in the abstract is not sensitive and that you approve the distribution of its contents.


PIs, mentors, and members of their lab groups who plan to attend the Symposium are asked to register their attendance online so that name tags, food, and judging duties (if volunteered) can be organized.

Mentor Registration Form

Registration is due by Monday, October 1st