Doctors for America

We are dedicated to the goal of improving the health care access of individuals in East Harlem through the development of meaningful and collaborative relationships with the East Harlem community and its institutions, and by building on its existing resources. We aim to work with an awareness of the systemic injustices that perpetuate the inequitable access to health care and to help address these injustices. Through these relationships we hope to promote the exchange of knowledge and the sharing of skills that can be applied to other forms of individual and community advocacy.

Which Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) worked with?
East Harlem Community Health Committee (EHCHC)
Human Services Consortium of East Harlem
Little Sisters of the Assumption Family Health Service
Union Settlement Association (USA)
Association to Benefit Children
Harlem RBI
Stanley Issacs Center Meals on Wheels
STEPS to End Family Violence
City Health Works
New York Common Food Pantry/Vita
Community Service Society
MSSM Community Religious Leadership Outreach Breakfast
Other Religious Communities
Lenox Hill Neighborhood House
Enroll America
Get Covered America Campaign
Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation
Institute for Family Health
Boriken Neighborhood Health Center
Settlement Health
NYC Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene Harlem District Public Health Office

Types of Service Projects Engaged In:
Education/Teaching in the community, Education/Teaching at Sinai (e.g., through an elective), Policy/Advocacy, Health Services Research (e.g., quality assurance)

What can your group offer to other student organizations?
– Opportunities to work with local Community Based Organizations on issues of health access
– Informational presentations to Sinai student groups and East Harlem residents on health insurance enrollment under the Affordable Care Act
– Current Health Policy Discussion and talks related to health policy

Tentative Volunteer Needs:
Any number of volunteers welcome of various commitment levels, we encourage members to participate in any number of the following activities (roles are flexible and not mutually exclusive)

~12+ Volunteers to work in pairs and assigned to collaborate with certain CBOs and/or develop new relationships with local CBOs we haven’t yet reached. These Community Partner Dyads will also rotate to facilitate a monthly meeting of local ACA outreach providers and organizations involved in health access through the East Harlem Community Health Committee (EHCHC) ACA & Healthcare Access Workgroup. They will also report to the EHCHC General Body Meetings, which also take place once monthly. Training to take place in late September

10-15 Volunteer Presenters Needed to design informational sessions about the ACA and present to East Harlem residents and staff members at CBOs, as well as other venues, throughout the year. Especially needed during the ACA Open Enrollment Period (Nov 15-Feb 15, annually). Training takes place in late September through early October.

2+ volunteers to keep abreast of current health policy news and updates on the ACA and compile periodic summaries for the group and to help facilitate monthly health policy discussions.

2+ volunteers to facilitate leadership development and improve DFA’s effectiveness as an advocacy organization

Any number of volunteers to assist with further developing and improving printed informational materials and to help design banners, flyers, and t-shirts.

DFA is also open to volunteers interested in other advocacy issues that members may wish to pursue outside of health policy.

Faculty Advisor:
Ann Gel Palermo
Ray Cornbill