FAQ & Tutorials

Just starting a new WebCommons site? Trying to edit an existing WebCommons site? Never fear, we have guides for every step of the process, and you can become a web publishing guru in no time!

These tutorials were made so that you can either start at the beginning and proceed through the point at which you’re satisfied with how your site looks, or jump in the middle, if there is an issue that you want to solve right now. (The later tutorials, however, might redirect you to the earlier ones if something is unfamiliar.)

Basic Website

How do I…

  1. Start a new site?
  2. Login so I can edit content?
  3. Use the Dashboard? Customize my site’s title and appearance?
  4. Edit the content on the existing placeholder pages? Edit images?

Enhancing Your Site

How do I…

  1. Create a new page?
  2. Customize my site’s menu links?
  3. Customize my site’s right-hand sidebar?
  4. Create a series of posts and list them all on a page?

Expert Features

How do I…

  1. Remove the sidebar from a page (making a full-width page)?
  2. Add a Twitter feed to my site?

You can also see the nonsensical sample website created during the course of the above tutorial. You’ll be able to build something like that, starting from the template site, but with more of the content hopefully about your group and less about the Muppets and other nonsense. (The content part is on you.)