New Aron Hall Printer!

Tired of battling your personal printer? PC LOAD LETTER got you down?

The StuCo Academic Tech committee is really excited to present the brand spanking new Aron Hall Printer! You’ll find it in the Aron lounge behind the glass doors, same payment system as the library. To use it:

1. Set up the printer on your computer using one of these guides:
2. Print to it from your computer (while on MSMC-green or plugged in)
3. Go to the printer, hit the moon button to wake it up, then swipe your printing card to show the jobs and pay for your job ($0.05 per page).
  • If the printer runs out of paper: Ask the doormen, they have paper at the front desk.
  • If there are maintenance/tech issues: Email
Many thanks to the ASCIT team and Mount Sinai Real Estate for supporting this project, and Sulaiman Somani for championing it over the last year!
The Academic Tech Reps
Alex Rosen
Ram Posham
Parth Kothari
Sulaiman Somani
Ted Pak

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