Here your Housing subcommittee representatives have compiled some quick reference information for current students. Please note that the information we provide here is for convenience, and policies are subject to change. The most up-to-date information can be found on BuildingLink under ‘Common Resident Forms’. Information is also available on the official housing website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the housing department directly at housing@mountsinai.org, the student council housing representatives at housingreps@icahn.mssm.edu, or your specific housing representative.


Aron Hall FAQs

Q: What do I do if there’s a problem with my room (AC doesn’t work, clogged sink or bathtub, etc.)?

  • Report it on BuildingLink and maintenance will usually respond within 48 hours.
  • If your AC doesn’t work, make sure to move furniture away from it so that maintenance can get access to the unit.
  • Use a strainer for your bathtub drain to prevent clogging.

Q: What are the rules about garbage and recycling?

  • There is a garbage room next to the elevators.
    • Trash goes in the chute.
    • Bottles and cans (please rinse them out!) go into the blue recycling bin.
    • Paper/magazines/books/cardboard should be left on the floor next to the recycling bin.
  • Please DO NOT leave bags of trash in the garbage room! Disregarding this rule will make your hallway get very smelly very fast. (Don’t buy a large garbage can since the large trash bags won’t fit down the chute.)
  • Please DO NOT throw magazines, newspapers or books into the chute! It jams the trash compactor and will cause the chute to back up, at which point the stench will permeate the entire building.
  • If you have large items to dispose (carpet, boxes, etc) you can leave them outside the garbage room. They are picked up daily at 8AM and 4PM.

Q: Can I paint my room?

  • Tenants may paint their bedrooms at any time with their own paint provided at no cost. At request, the Housing Office can provide contractors to paint the rooms a color of your choice (paint provided by the tenant) for a total cost of $330 per room, or individual walls at $82.50.  Please note the following:
    • Contractors may only be used from 9/15 to 3/31 to avoid high turnover time periods
    • Paint provided must be purchased from Benjamin Moore
    • Tenants are responsible to return the room to the original color (tenant responsible for paint purchase and labor, paint type Benjamin Moore, Bone White color, Flat finish)
    • If tenant does not return room to original color, tenant will be charged $82.50 per wall painted ($330 total per room) for Housing Office to execute this task (materials and labor).
    • Paint obligations and responsibilities can be transferred to another student, as in the past. Student will have to sign a Transfer Form and an “As Is” Agreement.
  • Common rooms are not to be painted by students as stated in the Occupancy Agreement under Terms & Provisions Section- Page 7, Par. 10 and Page 8, Par. 15. Common rooms that had already been painted—with notice given to the Real Estate office as of April 5th, 2013—are exempt from this policy.

Q. What are the gym rules?

  • There is a 30-minute time limit on the cardiovascular machines, since we only have a few of them.
  • Please do not turn up the radio or TV to loud volumes, because there are student rooms immediately above the speakers and they can hear them through their floor.

Q. The dryers in the laundry room aren’t drying!

  • The dryers will not dry if you overload them. A load of laundry that fills one washing machine should be split among two dryers.
  • If the machines take money but are not get hot, you can contact Hercules who will send a service technician. The customer service representatives can also send you a refund for lost money.

Q. What is the official Aron Hall Guest Policy?

  • Here is the official policy as of September 2014; the Real Estate division may update it at their discretion. The most up to date version will be on BuildingLink.
  • In short, students are allowed to have 28 days per semester for guests to stay-over in Aron Hall, with certain additional stipulations.

Q. How do I sublet my room?

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