Student Award Recipients 2016-2017

Congratulations to the 2016-2017 Student Award Recipients! The awards ceremony is on Monday, April 24 at 5pm in Davis Auditorium in Hess. Everyone is invited to attend to honor the award winners and grab some refreshments! Please join us in congratulating the outstanding efforts of everyone recognized herein.

Student Awards

Outstanding Leadership by a Student

Graduate School: Eziwoma Alibo
Medical School: John Di Capua

Outstanding Service to Fellow Students

Graduate School: Noam Beckmann
Medical School: Giselle Lynch

Outstanding Service to Mount Sinai

Graduate School: Bridget Matikainen-Ankney
Medical School: Jimmy Murphy

Outstanding Community Service

Graduate School: Casey Lardner
Medical School (within NY): Cameron Kiani
Medical School (outside NY): Derrick Acheampong

Outstanding Teaching by a Student

Graduate School: Anastasia Efthymiou
Medical School: Ann Powers

The Following Awards are Graduate School Specific:

Outstanding Research Innovation by a Student

Aviva Goel

Outstanding Maker (Write-in Award)

Brandon Hogstad

The Following Awards are Medical School Specific:

Award for Activism

Amy Garvey

“Renaissance” Award

Keith Love

“Art of Medicine” Award

Bobby Arao

Award for Teamwork

Brian Park

Award for Inspiration

Erick Mendoza

Award for Compassionate Care (Write-in award)

Stefanie Chen

Award for Environmental Health and Stewardship (Write-in award)

Michelle O’Connor

Award for Innovation (Write-in award)

Mark Finkelstein

Award for Memorable Teaching (Write-in award)

Bonnie Sklar

Award for Winning Personality (Write-in award)

David Lin

Award for Commitment to Emotional Wellness (Write-in award)

Analena Alcabes

Entrepreneurship Award (Write-in award)

Anmol Gupta

Resiliency Award (Write-in award)

Jake Levine

Award for Outstanding Continuity of Care (Write-in award)

Allison Vise

Award for Teaching for Social Change (Write-in award)

Emma Makoba, Emma Murphy, Carolina Miranda

Medical Society of the State of New York Community Service Award

Kamini Doobay

Awards for Outstanding Faculty, Residents, and Staff

Outstanding Pre-Clinical Faculty

Dr. Trevor Pour

Outstanding Clinical Faculty

Dr. Sharon Edwards

Outstanding Clinical House Staff

Dr. Tahsin Khan

Outstanding Teaching by Grad School Faculty

Dr. Gay Holstein

Outstanding Faculty Mentor, Graduate School

Dr. George Huntley

Outstanding Research Mentorship, Medical School (Write-in Award)

Dr. Samuel Cho

Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Award

Dr. Peter Gliatto

Outstanding Service by Mount Sinai Staff

Jose Vargas
Andy Efros

Student Council Selected Awards

Student Council Appreciation Awards

This award is given to those individuals who the students feel deserve an official Thank You from the student body for all that they have done this past year.

Andy Efros (Posman Books)
Intaz Khan (Aron Hall Doorman)
Maxwell Manu (Aron Hall Doorman)
Stuart Gill (Aron Hall Doorman)

Edward J. Ronan Award

This award is given to an individual who the students’ feel provides support, both in and out of the classroom and who goes above and beyond what they are “supposed to do,” in regards to dedicating their time and efforts to the student body.

Medical School: Dr. Rainier P. Soriano
Graduate School: Dr. Elizabeth Cropper

Lifetime Achievement Award

This award is given to an individual to honor his or her life-long contributions to the student body.

Medical School: Dr. Tonia Kim
Graduate School: Dr. Stephanie Factor

The Dean Charney Resilience Award

This award (currently in its inaugural year) is given to somebody who inspires others in displaying extreme strength through adversity.

Dr. Dennis Charney

David J. Berman Award for Study Guide Generosity

This award is for students that show extraordinary talent and generosity in authoring quality study resources for their fellow students and sharing them freely online.

Medical School: Brittany Arditi and Anne Hart
Graduate School: Kavya Devarakonda

EHHOP Awards

EHHOP Excellence in Teaching Award

Dr. Theresa Mack

EHHOP Excellence in Advocacy Award

Dr. Katherine Pier

EHHOP New Volunteer Award

Dr. Rishi Sawhney

EHHOP Excellence in Ancillary Clinic

Dr. Farida Nentin

Postdoctoral Fellow Awards

Best Publication by a Postdoctoral Fellow Award

Ka Lung (William) Cheung, PhD
Department of Pharmacological Sciences (Mentor: Ming-Ming Zhou, PhD)

Outstanding Research Innovation by a Postdoctoral Fellow Award

Ajit Magadum, PhD
Department of Cardiology (Mentor: Lior Zangi, PhD)

Outstanding Leadership by a Postdoctoral Fellow

Delaine Ceholski, PhD
Department of Cardiology (Mentor: Roger Hajjar, MD)

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