Conference Funding


Funding Options:

I want to attend a conference – what funding is available to me?

  • Student Council: Every MD & MD/PhD student is eligible to receive a maximum of $450 per semester to attend conferences. You do not need to be presenting to receive this funding. This money comes from Medical Education so it is only available to MD & MD/PhD students.
  • Medical Student Research Office (MSRO): MD & MD/PhD students who are presenting first-author work are also eligible for up to $500, or 50 percent of eligible expenses, per year. This does not require matching funds from a mentor, only a letter stating they cannot support you. Again, this funding is only available to MD & MD/PhD students.
  • Mentors: All students, regardless of their program, should speak with their mentors, advisors, and departments to see if funding is available to help cover conference costs.

High-Yield Information:

Ok, how do I actually get this funding?

  • Apply Early. To maximize your reimbursement, you should apply for MSRO and Student Council funding at least five weeks before the conference. While it is still possible to receive funds for requests submitted at least two weeks before the conference, you might receive less funding than if you had applied earlier. This is particularly important for the Student Council funding as only $4,500 can be spent on each conference and initial funding decisions will be made five weeks prior to a conference.
  • Before doing anything, email Student Affairs to confirm you are in good academic standing.
  • If you are presenting your own research, apply for MSRO funding prior to Student Council funding.
  • Fill out the Student Council Application

After Your Conference:

I had a great time – now what do I need to do?

Regardless of funding source, you must fill out the Travel Itemization Form and submit receipts to Rolando Caraballo in Annenberg 13-30 within two weeks of returning from the conference. Importantly, this applies to all receipts, regardless of what funding source is paying for them. It will take about three-four weeks for receipts to be processed.

I’m Confused:

Can I just talk to someone?

Yes – email with any and all questions. It is always better to address questions before money has been spent than afterwards.

This is a large charge – can Medical Education front some of the money?

Yes — email to get the ball rolling on this process. It is particularly important to reach out early so that Medical Education can complete the necessary steps.

Is it possible to use conference funding for other professional development activities/fees?

Yes — email with specific questions/situations.