Governance Documents

The best guide for any prospective or current Student Council member on what a position entails is the Student Council Handbook, an initiative started in 2012 where individual representatives document their roles and responsibilities. It serves as our internal “institutional memory” for what past years’ reps have done and what new reps will be expected to contribute. We internally edit this document on Google Drive—contact the steering committee at if you wish to be granted access to make updates on your position.

Detailed governing documents for Student Council are presented here as follows. We have last updated the Constitution in February 2017 with the passage of Amendment 1, and regularly keep the Bylaws updated.

  • Student Council Constitution – this document summarizes our purpose and governance procedures, and the methods for updating the procedures.
  • Student Council Bylaws – this document specifies specific officer and subcommittee positions and election/financial protocols that are referred to in the Constitution as being detailed in the Bylaws. The Bylaws are updated separately from the Constitution.
  • Student Council Recruitment – this document discusses the overview of what Student Council entails, the different subsections of student council, and how to get involved.

Comprehensive Survey Results

Student Council performs an annual survey of the entire student body that is presented to the Board of Trustees and helps guide priorities for the school. A survey was not done in 2019-2020 due to the LCME Accreditation process and the additional survey burden posed by this process. View prior surveys:

2018-2019 Comprehensive Survey

2017-2018 Comprehensive Survey

2016-2017 Comprehensive Survey