Last updated March 2018.  For detailed descriptions of each position and subcommittee, please refer to the current Student Council Handbook.

Steering Committee

You can contact the entire steering committee by emailing

  • President: Benjamin Laitman (MD/PhD candidate)
  • Vice President: Isaac Wasserman (MD 2019)
  • Treasurers: James Blum (MD 2020), Tucker Matthews (MD/PhD candidate)
  • Secretaries: Jordyn Feingold (MD/MSCR 2020), Sara Asgar (MPH candidate)
  • PhD representative: Nick Upright (PhD candidate)
  • MS1 representative: Alex Agathis (MD 2021)

Class representatives

Name Class Email address
Nicholas Titelbaum 2018
Keith Love 2018
Jimmy Murphy 2018
Akbar Maniya 2018
Kellie Gergoudis Scholarly Year
Isaac Wasserman (VP) 2019
Cati Crawford 2019
Syed Haider 2019
Roya Nazarian 2019
James Blum (Co-treasurer) 2020
Jordyn Feingold (Co-secretary) 2020
Zina Huxley-Reicher 2020
Chierika Ukogu 2020
Marcus Laroche 2021
Shravani Pathak 2021
Alexanrda Agathis 2021
Rohini Bahethi 2021
Tucker Matthews (Co-treasurer) MSTP Y2+
Michael Martini MSTP Y2+
Benjamin Laitman (President) MSTP Y2+
Don Nguyen MSTP Y1
Jesse Gelles PhD Y5
Carla Golden PhD Y4
Shikha Nayar PhD Y2
Nick Upright (PhD Rep) PhD Y2
Chris Panebianco PhD Y1
Joshua Acklin PhD Y1
Rohit Bhan MSBS Y2
Roosheel Patel MSBS Y1
Emalyn Cork Genetic Counseling
Sara Asgar (Co-secretary) MPH Y2
Mari Goldstein MPH Y2
Naissa Piverger MPH Y1
Debora Robinson MPH Y1
Lukas Ronner CLR/PORTAL


Academic Technology

Parth Kothari 2018
TBD 2019
Theodore Pak MD/PhD
Brittany Glassberg *(IT Rep) 2020
TBD 2021


Grace Mosley MD/PhD
Benjamin Tran 2018
Alexandra Ladd 2018
Eric Robinson 2020
Sean Neifert 2020
Ricardo Rodriguez Colon 2021
Stephen Russell 2021
Carly Jones Grad

Community Service – Official Website

Marisa Cornejo 2018
Aiya Aboubakr 2019
Sneha Subramanian 2020
John Yang 2020
Lauren Stalbow 2021
Reema Navalurkar 2021
Christian Stevens Grad christian.stevens@icahn.mssm.ed
Matthew Chambers Grad
Kaylee Ho Grad
Karan Amlani Grad
Maryam Hussain Grad
Carly Jones Grad

Greening – Official Website

Jennifer Grom 2019
Kelly Suchman 2020
M. Teresa Herrera Grad
Christian Cayon 2021
Rasmus Moeller Grad
Jessica De Freitas Grad

Health and Well-Being – Official Website

Benjamin Boodaie 2019
Anna Blazejowskyj 2020
Taylor Thomas 2020
Emma McGregor Grad
Aaron Tan Grad
Pei Ling Chia Grad
Amni Al-Kachak Grad
Maria Mavrommatis 2021
Danilo Perez-Rivera Grad
Mary Duffy Grad
Maggie Hung Grad


Derrick Acheampong 2018
Marc Egerman 2019
Matthew Gallitto 2019
Camille van Neste 2020
Phillip Comella Grad
Keon Mahmoudi 2021
Sayan Manna 2021

Student Life

Aaron Stern 2018
Yvonne Okaka 2019
Aishwarya Raja 2020
Sigal Israilov 2020
Sindhura Gopinath Grad
Ivan Ye 2021
Ayushi Patel Grad
Maryam Hussain Grad


Amy Yao 2018
Mina Aziz 2018
Allison Salk 2019
Sam Kase 2019
Lauren Williams 2020
Mimi Tokuyama 2020
Daniel Snyder 2021 daniel.snyder@icahn.mssm.ed
Jared Tishelman 2021 jared.tishelman@icahn.mssm.ed
Erica Dalla Grad
Julia Zhao Grad
Maggie Hung Grad

Executive Admissions

Elizabeth Gromet 2018
Aaron Stern 2018  aaron.stern@icahn.mssm.ed

Executive Curriculum/AAMC

Jordan Hall  2018
Hope Xu 2019
Nikita Lakomkin 2020
Melissa Hill 2021


Terrell Holloway 2018
Lily Ostrer 2018


Caitlyn Braschi 2018
Emily Tixier 2019
Katleen Lozada 2020
Harinee Maiyuran 2020
Malika Garg Grad
Caroline Eden Grad
Aislyn DiRisio 2021

Class Rep Subcommittees

Medical School Board of Trustees

Hope Kronman Grad
Syed Haider 2019
Jordyn Feingold 2020
Usnish Majumdar 2020
Marcus Laroche 2021

Graduate School Board of Trustees

Benjamin Laitman MD/PhD
Theodore Pak MD/PhD
Jesse Gelles-Hurwitz PhD Y4
Carla Golden PhD Y3

Disaster Preparedness

Jimmy Murphy 2018
Cati Crawford 2019
Zina Huxley-Reicher 2020
Rohini Bahethi 2021
TBD Grad


Keith Love 2018
Roya Nazarian 2019
Chierika Okogu 2020
Shravani Pathak 2021

Building Services

Nicholas Titelbaum 2018
Isaac Wasserman 2019
James Blum 2020
Benjamin Laitman MD/PhD
Rohini Bahethi 2021