Last updated August 2020. For detailed descriptions of each position and subcommittee, please refer to the current Student Council Handbook.

Steering Committee

You can contact the entire steering committee by emailing

  • President: James Blum
  • Vice Presidents: Daisy Hoagland and Shravani Pathak
  • Treasurers: James Johnson and Rubén Vega Perez
  • Secretaries: Paloma Orozco Scott and Adriana Sistig
  • URiSM Representatives: Dania Figueroa Acosta and Makda Getachew Zewde
  • PhD Representative: Emily Teichman
  • Master’s Representative: Wendy Barillas
  • MD/PhD Representative: Christian Stevens
  • MD Y1 Representative: Candida Damian

Class Representatives

Name Class Email Address
Alexandra Agathis MD Y4
Rohini Bahethi MD Y4
Shravani Pathak MD Y4
Benjamin Liu MD Y4
James Blum MD Y4
Rubén Vega Pérez MD SY
Alexandra Capellini MD Y3
Dhruv Shankar MD Y3
Andrew Pastor MD Y3
Cleo Siderides MD Y3
Sidra Ibad MD Y2
Fares Marayati MD Y2
Paloma Orozco Scott MD Y2
James Johnson MD Y2
Halbert Bai MD Y1
Brandon Yeshoua MD Y1
Mimi Frisch MD Y1
Candida Damian MD Y1
Christian Stevens MSTP Y5
Lauren Stalbow MSTP Y4
Jakleen Lee MSTP Y2
Jesse Mangold MSTP Y1
Chris Panebianco PhD Y4
Daisy Hoagland PhD Y3
Camille Goldman PhD Y2
Emily Teichman PhD Y2
Carisse Lansiquot PhD Y1
Anina Lund PhD Y1
Ashley Lu MSBS Y2
Jeanpierre Tenesaca MSBS Y1
Jennifer Black GC Y2
Hannah Green GC Y1
Jhori Varner MPH Y2
Sahiti Yarakala MPH Y1
Amanda Singh MPH Y1
Wendy Barillas MPH Y1
Liza Magill MD-MPH
Yuanhui (Jasmine) Huang CLR-Non-Portal (PhD)
Deep Mehta CLR
Adriana Sistig MSBDS Y2
James Landefeld MS Biostatistics
Kenneth Brophy
Jacqueline Beltran PREP Y1
Daniella Del Carmen Santos Hidalgo PREP Y2
Makda Getachew Zewde URiSM MD
Dania Figueroa Acosta URiSM PhD


Academic Technology

Sulaiman Somani MD Y4
Brittany Glassberg MD Y4
Fady Gorgy MSBS Y2


Nima Assad MD Y1
Theodor Di Pauli von Treuheim MD Y3
Sean Neifert MD Y4
Shamar Wilson MPH Y1
Jessica Whang CLR Y1

Community Service – Official Website

Claire Morley MD Y3
Matthew Chambers MD Y4
Stephanie Arbelaez MPH Y1
Zelong Liu MSBS 2
Trinisia Fortune MSBS 2
Alyssa Gonztes MSBS 2

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism – Official Website


Greening & Sustainability – Official Website

Joseph Vlastos MD Y1
George Danias MD Y2
Patrick Lasowski MD Y2
Sonya Rusanov MPH Y1
Tori Chanenchuk MSBS Y1
Chris Anderson MSBS Y2
Jonathan Chien MSBS Y2
Parker King MS Biostatistics Y1

Health and Well-Being – Official Website

Simran Malhotra MD Y1
Caroline Benson MD Y1
Skylar Hess MD Y1
Gabrielle Hernaiz-De Jesús MD Y2
Katherine Donovan MD Y4
Gaby Altman PhD Y1
Sally Claridger PhD Y2
Varun Sabarwal MPH Y2
Ante Peros MSBS Y2


Roshan Nayak MD Y3
Keon Mahmoudi MD Y4
Maya Pahima PhD Y1
Yang Xu PhD Y4


Julie Byrnes MD Y2
Himanshu Sharma MD Y3
Jonathan Pan MD Y4
Jasmine Race MD Y4
Saborny Mahmud MPH Y1
Ashley Padilla MSBS Y1
Yonina Bykov PhD Y1
Kayla Townsley PhD Y2

Student Life

Christopher DeVita MD Y1
Naomi Mayman MD Y2
Dillan Villavisanis MD Y3
Catherine Swarts MSBS Y2
Jenny Sun MHA Y1
Bryanna Copeland MHA Y1
Eva Chebishev PhD Y1


Aliza Gross MD Y1
Ambreanna Arneus MD Y1
Emma Reford MD Y1
Meredith Mihalopoulos MD Y2
Shoshana Rosenzweig MD Y2
Dan Snyder MD Y4
Jared Tishelman MD Y4
Anisha Cooke PhD Y1
Emily Bramel PhD Y1
Mehek Ningoo PhD Y1
Christos Sazeides PhD Y1
Hannah Johnson PhD Y1
Nishka Mittal MSBS Y1
Madeline Floodstrand MSBS Y2
Karine David MSBS Y2
Vivek Rakholiya CLR Y1
Brianne Philippe PREP Y2

Executive Admissions

Evan Garden MD Y4
Lara Sokoloff MD Y4
Emma Loebel MD Y4

Executive Curriculum/AAMC

Justin Tiao MD Y1
James Johnson MD Y2
Oge Onuh MD Y3
Melissa Hill MD Y4


Denisse Rojas Marquez MD Y4
Emma Rosenbluth MD Y4

Class Rep Subcommittees

Board of Trustees

Ruben Vega Perez MD SY
Halbert Bai MD Y1
Fares Marayati MD Y2
Cleo Siderides MD Y3
Benjamin Liu MD Y4
Jordyn Feingold* MD Y4
Wendy Barillas MPH Y1
Anina Lund PhD Y1
Daisy Hoagland PhD Y3
Chris Panebianco PhD Y4

*Technical and advisory assistance

Disaster Preparedness/Building Services

Mimi Frisch MD Y1
Sidra Ibad MD Y2
Alexandra Capellini MD Y3
Andrew Pastor MD Y3
Rohini Bahethi MD Y4
Wendy Barillas MPH Y1
Camille Goldman PhD Y2


Brandon Yeshoua MD Y1
James Johnson MD Y2
Dhruv Shankar MD Y3
Shravani Pathaki MD Y4
Liza Magill MD-MPH
Ashley Lu MSBS Y2
Carisse Lansiquot PhD Y1

Working Groups

Infection Prevention – Official Website

Naomi Mayman MD Y2 – Alternate naomi.mayman@icahn.mssm.ed
Andrew Pastor MD Y3
Ashley Lu MSBS Y2
Josh Acklin PhD Y4

Gym Re-Opening

Naomi Mayman MD Y2 – Student Life
Roshan Nayak MD Y3 – Housing
Sean Neifert MD Y4 – Ex-Athletics
Keon Mahmoudi MD Y4 – Housing
Chris Panebianco PhD Y4
Yang Xu PhD Y4 – Housing

Financial Aid and Services

Mary Sun MD SY
Jay Sanghvi MD Y1
Nestor Bedoya MD Y1
Zerubabbel Asfaw MD Y1
Nicholas Athayde-Rizzaro MD Y2
Taylor Harrell MD Y2
Jonah poster MD Y2
Ezequiel Ramos MD Y2
Annie Arrighi-Allisan MD Y3
Nickolas Dreher MD Y3
Alex Albert MPH Y1
Lovely Joseph MPH Y2
Molly O’Shea MPH Y2
Maya Pahima PhD Y2
Michelle Mendiolaza PhD Y2

Genomic Medicine

Jerrel Catlett MD Y1
Laura Hamm GC Y2
Sindhura Gopinath PhD Y5