Last updated September 2019. For detailed descriptions of each position and subcommittee, please refer to the current Student Council Handbook.

Steering Committee

You can contact the entire steering committee by emailing

  • President: James Blum
  • Vice Presidents: Daisy Hoagland and Shravani Pathak
  • Treasurers: James Johnson and Rubén Vega Perez
  • Secretaries: Paloma Orozco Scott and Adriana Sistig
  • URiSM Representatives: Dania Figueroa Acosta and Makda Getachew Zewde
  • PhD Representative: Emily Teichman
  • Master’s Representative: Meghan Smith
  • MD/PhD Representative: Christian Stevens
  • MS1 Representative: 

Class Representatives

Name Class Email address
Rohini Bahethi 2021
Benjamin Liu 2021
James Blum (President) 2021
Shravani Pathak (Co-Vice President) 2021
Alexandra Agathis 2021
Rubén Vega Pérez (Co-Treasurer) Scholarly Year
Alexandra Capellini 2022
Dhruv Shankar 2022
Andrew Pastor 2022
Cleo Siderides 2022
Sidra Ibad 2023
Fares Marayati 2023
Paloma Orozco Scott (Co-Secretary) 2023
James Johnson 2023
Christian Stevens (MD/PhD Representative) MSTP Y5+
Lauren Stalbow MSTP Y4+
Jakleen Lee* MSTP Y2+
Chris Panebianco PhD Y4
Daisy Hoagland (Co-Vice President) PhD Y3
Camille Goldman PhD Y2
Emily Teichman PhD Y2
PhD Y1
PhD Y1
Jiahua Lu (Ashley) MSBS Y2
Jennifer Black Genetic Counseling Y2
Genetic Counseling Y1
Majdi Alghader MPH Y2
Meghan Smith (Master’s Representative) MPH Y2
Majdi Alghader MPH Y1
Yuanhui (Jasmine) Huang CLR-Non-Portal
Adriana Sistig MSBDS


Academic Technology

Election Fall 2020


Election Fall 2020

Community Service – Official Website

Claire Morley
Alyssa Gontzes MSBS Y2
Trinisia Fortune MSBS Y2
Zelong Liu MSBS Y2

Greening – Official Website

Kelly Suchman 2020
Reema Navalurkar 2021
Manali Sapre 2021
Serena Zheng 2022
George Danias 2023
Elizabeth “Betty” Kolod MPH Y1
Jonathan Chien MSBS Y1
Nitya Khatri MSBS Y1

Health and Well-Being – Official Website

Anna Blazejowskyj 2020
Jennifer Dai 2021
Alexander Meshel 2022
Gaby Hernaiz 2023
Ante Peros MSBS Y1
Majdi Alghader MPH Y1
Kayla Townsley PhD Y1


Marc Egerman 2020
Keon Mahmoudi 2021
Roshan Nayak 2022
Yang Xu Grad
Resma Gadde MPH Y1

Student Life

Roya Nazarian 2020
Dillan Villavisanis 2022
Karine David MSBS Y1


Lauren Williams 2020
Samuel Kase 2020
Brandon Dale 2022
Peter Cooke 2022
Meredith Mihalopoulos 2023
Shoshana Rosenzweig 2023
Mimi Tokuyama Scholarly Year
Madeline Floodstrand MSBS Y1
Sarah Banker PhD

Executive Admissions

Emily Markovic 2020
Eliza Hersh 2020

Executive Curriculum/AAMC

Nikita Lakomkin 2020
Hope Xu 2020
Melissa Hill 2021
Oge Onuh 2022
James Johnson 2023


Emma Rosenbluth 2020
Mengxi Shi 2020


Katleen Lozada 2020
Jonathan Pan 2021
Himanshu Sharma 2022

Class Rep Subcommittees

Board of Trustees

Benjamin Liu 2021
Rubén Vega Perez 2022
Fares Marayati 2023
Chris Panebianco PhD Year 4
Daisy Hoagland PhD Year 4

Disaster Preparedness/Building Services

Rohini Bahethi 2021
Alexandra Capellini 2022
Sidra Ibad 2023


Shravani Pathaki (Co Vice-President) 2021
Dhruv Shankar 2022
James Johnson (Co-Treasurer) 2023