Award of Excellence Winners

The Student Council Award of Excellence is given in appreciation of students who have made a significant impact on student life and the broader community. We take nominations twice a year –  Fall and Spring – via this form. Class reps vote during Fall and Spring nomination periods to select one awardee among grad student and med student nominations. (Class reps are not eligible for the award.)

Students that win the AoE are often the unsung heroes of our student body—the volunteers, advocates, and champions that have gone the extra mile to help their fellow classmates. They do this because they want to improve the community at this school, one little step at a time—not because they ever expected appreciation or recognition.

They are the heroes we need, even if they aren’t the heroes that we deserve.

We honor these students on a plaque displayed proudly in our Student Lounge in Annenberg. Here is the full list of the quiet superheroes living among us…


Dan Fu Raun
Michael Espino
Camille Spencer-Salmon
Julio Ramos
Ricardo Rodriguez Colon
Ana Rodriguez
Anna Blazejowskyj
Jesse Gelles


Leslie James
James Duehr
Milo Smith
Alisse Doherty Hannaford
Joseph Schnitter
Denisse Rojas-Marquez
Linda Zambrano
Lucy O’Shaughnessy
Ariana Johnson
Melissa Hill
Maggie Hung
Allie Lockwood
Jaydev Dave
Kelly Zafman
Casey Lardner
Benjamin Hong
Gus Ruchman
Emma Murphy, Emma Makoba, Amy Garvey, Lily Ostrer, Charlottoe Ausin
Nina Williams


Allen Zheng
Chloe Solomon
Dennis Dacarett-Galeano
Lucy Goodson
Alexandra Cours
Marc Egerman
Matthew Gallitto
Usnish Majumdar
Amy Garvey
Jennie Altman
Emmy Yang
Charles Sanky
Joe-Ann Moser
Adam Schaffner
Zefa Sullivan


Kevin Hu
Stephen Supoyo
Mark Bailey
Elizabeth Tarras
Seshat Mack
Carolina Miranda
John Mariani
Sulaiman Somani
Yotam Arens
Katharina Turcios-Wiswe
Fareedat Oluyadi


Julie Sung
Brian Cohen
Laura Krinsky
Eleanor Roberts
Eva Berlin
Caitlin Driscoll
Kira Xie
Maureen Byrne
Elizabeth Gromet


Kristen Ng
Daniel Choi
Alexander Gomez
Susana Bardina
Ann Wang
Virginie Halpern-Cohen
Sarah Motley
Jonathan Schwitzer
John Rhee


Ron Tisdale
Alexander Peters
Jacqui Rabkin
Jamal Ahmed
Jacquelin Rankine
Ammar Siddiqui
Chloe Ciccariello
Lum Zony
Christian Pean


Samantha Zuckerman
Daniel Sanchez
William Chen
David Berman
Annie Levenson
Thomas McBride
Bertille Gaigbe-Togbe
Ben Grimmaitz


Emir Senturk
Charles Snyder
Hari Shankar
Brieze Keeley
Danielle LaRocco
David Neckman
Robert Rifkin
Radeyah Hack


Jesse Cohen
Julia Hernandez
Ashwin Kamath
Fiona Summers
Lea Marin
Alexander Charney