Executive Steering Committee Petition Mechanism

Bringing Important Issues to the Executive Steering Committee

            In an effort to increase communication between students and the administration at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, the Student Council will institute a new mechanism to funnel student initiatives to the Deans of the medical and graduate programs. Student initiatives, questions, or concerns will be included as an Executive Steering Committee agenda item if they meet one of the two following criteria:

  • 50 students (regardless of program) sign a Student Council petition to the deans, with a detailed explanation of the initiative, question, or concern.
  • Student petitions that do not meet the 50-student threshold may be discussed with Student Council officers at monthly general body meetings, and the student council officers will determine, by simple majority vote, if the initiative, question, or concern should be discussed at executive steering.

Students sponsoring the petition or vote (maximum 3 students) will be invited to attend executive steering meetings. Executive steering faculty will be informed of student petitions/votes prior to meetings, but may not remove items from agenda or prohibit students from attending.

To create a Student Council petition, a student (or group of students) interested in bringing forth an issue should begin by creating a Google Form using their @icahn.mssm.edu account.  The form should contain a detailed explanation of the initiative, question, or concern.  The form’s settings should be edited to (1) restrict to Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai users, and (2) limit to 1 response.  This will ensure that only students at the school are counted as signatories.  The form should have an area for students to enter their name and program information if they agree with the petition.  Once the threshold of 50 signatories has been reached (or the initiator would like to petition Student Council with fewer than 50 signatories), the initiator should send an email containing a link to the form to studentc@icahn.mssm.edu.  The email will receive a response within 48-hours.