Sinai Sports Subsidies

Hold up, did you say sports?

Yes! Student Council can subsidize the cost of participating in team sports in sports leagues! Please be creative — students have used this funding for more traditional activities, like soccer, and less traditional activities, like soul cycle or road races. The important thing is to make sure that all the guidelines are followed.

Sports Guidelines:

What can I do with the sports subsidy?

  • You can be reimbursed for 50 percent of registration fees, up to a maximum amount of $50 per Mount Sinai student on your team.
  • You can only request a subsidy if your team has at least five Mount Sinai students or is 50 percent composed of Mount Sinai students. Only Sinai students can be subsidized.

How To Apply:

Ok – how do I get this funding? 

Step 1: First, one member of the team should submit the Sports Subsidy Reimbursement Form on behalf of all the Sinai participants.

Step 2: See which option below pertains to you.

  • If the organization only allows one individual to register the team and pay:
  • If the organization allows people to register individually and pay:
    • Everyone requesting reimbursement can fill out this Student Council Reimbursement Form, which will require the receipt/registration, and a credit card statement, if necessary.
  • Regardless of who is submitting the form:
    • It should be submitted within four weeks of the purchase. You will receive confirmation when your form has been submitted and after it’s been approved.
    • If the registration charge is over $200 (even if you are being reimbursed for less), you need a credit card statement with your (A) Name, (B) Last 4 digits, and (C) Charge with date.
    • The student treasurers will approve your request and send it to Medical Education for further processing, which will take two-three weeks. If the reimbursement is less than or equal to $200 you will pick up petty cash vouchers from the front desk in the Medical Education Department, Annenberg 13-30, which you can then bring to the cashier on the Annenberg MC level (you will need to include original receipts for this). If it is greater than $200, you will receive a check from Medical Education directly or direct deposit if you are on a stipend. Reimbursements over $200 will likely take three-four weeks.

This seems complicated – who do I email with questions?

Please email and we will get back to you.

Citi Bike Memberships:

Citi Bike memberships are subsidized for Mount Sinai students and will cost $60 for an annual membership, which usually costs $169. Memberships are awarded using a lottery system that occurs in early July of each year. This year’s lottery has concluded and there no membership spots remaining. Please check back again next year!