Last updated March 2018.  For detailed descriptions of each position and subcommittee, please refer to the current Student Council Handbook.

Steering Committee

You can contact the entire steering committee by emailing

  • President: Syed Haider (MD 2019)
  • Vice President: Nick Upright (PhD candidate)
  • Treasurers: James Blum (MD 2020), Shravani Pathak (MD 2021)
  • Secretaries: Jordyn Feingold (MD/MSCR 2021), Alex Agathis (MD 2021)
  • PhD representative: Shikha Nayar (PhD candidate)
  • Master’s representative: Anupa Chokola (MSBS candidate)
  • Biomedical Inclusion Representatives: Eziwoma Alibo (MD/PhD Candidate), Chierika Ukogu (MD 2020)
  • MS1 representative: Pepe Muniz Rodriguez

Class representatives

Name Class Email address
Ben Boodaie 2019
Lillian Jin 2019
Cati Crawford 2019
Syed Haider (President) 2019
Zainab Ahmed Scholarly Year
James Blum (Co-treasurer) 2020
Jordyn Feingold (Co-secretary) 2020
Zina Huxley-Reicher 2020
Chierika Ukogu 2020
Marcus Laroche 2021
Shravani Pathak (Co-treasurer) 2021
Alexanrda Agathis (Co-secretary) 2021
Rohini Bahethi 2021
Pepe Muniz Rodriguez 2022
Ruben Vega Perez 2022
Dhruv Shankar 2022
Alexandra Capellini 2022
Michael Martini MSTP Y3+
Christian Stevens MSTP Y3+
Don Nguyen MSTP Y2+
Matthew Lin MSTP Y1
Shikha Nayar (PhD Rep) PhD Y3
Nick Upright (Vice President) PhD Y3
Chris Panebianco PhD Y2
Joshua Acklin PhD Y2
Collin Teague PhD Y1
Daisy Hoagland PhD Y1
Anupa Chokola MSBS Y2
Isaac Faith MSBS Y1
Alexandra McClellan Genetic Counseling Y2
Amy Woroch Genetic Counseling  Y1
Rachel Rudich MPH Y2
Divya Jain MPH Y2
Bushra Rahman MPH Y1
Princess Sutherland MPH Y1
Lukas Ronner CLR/PORTAL
Turner Baker CLR


Academic Technology

TBD 2019
Brittany Glassberg *(IT Rep) 2020
Sayan Manna 2021
Andrew Warburton 2022
Theodore Pak MD/PhD
Philip Hwang PhD


Lucia Qian 2019
Eric Robinson 2020
Sean Neifert 2020
Ricardo Rodriguez Colon 2021
Stephen Russell 2021
Thomas Fetherston 2022
Aaron Sunil Grad
Elissa Davila-Shiau Grad

Community Service – Official Website

Aiya Aboubakr 2019
John Yang 2020
Lauren Stalbow 2021
Kimia Ziadkhanpour 2022
TBD Grad

Greening – Official Website

Jennifer Grom 2019
Kelly Suchman 2020
Devki Shukla 2021
Serena.Zheng 2022 serena.zheng@icahn.mssm.eduhe
Jessica De Freitas Grad

Health and Well-Being – Official Website

Alana Kornspun 2019
Jonathan Gabbay 2020
Rebecca Klahr 2021
Alexander Meshel 2022
Karan Kohli Grad


Matthew Gallitto 2019
Jasmine Race 2020
Keon Mahmoudi 2021
Roshan Nayak 2022
Marc Egerman Grad

Student Life

Open 2019
Open 2020
Ivan Ye 2021
Dillan Villavisanis 2022
TBD Grad


Allison Salk 2019
Sam Kase 2019
Lauren Williams 2020
Mimi Tokuyama 2020
Daniel Snyder 2021
Jared Tishelman 2021
Omar Njie 2022
Sonya Prasad 2022
Erica Dalla Grad
Julia Zhao Grad
Kelsey Lucerne Grad
Maddie Obrien Grad
Elise Ball Grad

Executive Admissions

Amy Garvey 2019
Kyu Young Oh 2019

Executive Curriculum/AAMC

Hope Xu 2019
Nikita Lakomkin 2020
Melissa Hill 2021
Ogechukwu Onuh 2022


Giselle Lynch 2019
Mary Nwosuocha 2019


Emily Tixier 2019
Harinee Maiyuran 2020
Aislyn DiRisio 2021
Mary Sun 2022
TBD Grad

Class Rep Subcommittees

Medical School Board of Trustees Elected Committee

Syed Haider 2019
Jordyn Feingold 2020
Marcus Laroche 2021
Ruben Perez 2022

Graduate School Board of Trustees Committee

Nick Upright Ph.D
 Shikha Nayar Ph.D
 Anupa Chokola MSBS

Disaster Preparedness

Cati Crawford 2019
Zina Huxley-Reicher 2020
Rohini Bahethi 2021
Alexandra Capellini 2022
TBD Grad


Lillian Jin 2019
Chierika Okogu 2020
Shravani Pathak 2021
Dhruv Shankar 2022
Joshua Acklin Grad

Building Services

TBD 2019
James Blum 2020
Rohini Bahethi 2021
Alexandra Capellini 2022