Last updated August 2021. For detailed descriptions of each position and subcommittee, please refer to the current Student Council Handbook.

Steering Committee (2022-2023)

You can contact the entire steering committee by emailing

  • President: Jakleen Lee
  • Vice Presidents: Ava Adler, Anina Lund
  • Treasurers: Jake Herb, Varun Subramaniam
  • Secretaries: Abhi Mogili, Nesteene Param
  • URiSM Representatives: Adriana Mendez, Nasseef Quasim
  • PhD Rep: Ally Magee
  • Masters Rep: Elena Orins
  • MD/PhD Rep: Christian Stevens
  • MD Y1 Rep: To Be Filled in Fall

Class Representatives (2021-2022)

*Outdated, please bear with us!

Name Class Email Address
Andrew Pastor MD Y4
Cleo Siderides MD Y4
Marcia Lange MD SY
Sidra Ibad MD Y3
Fares Marayati MD Y3
Paloma Orozco Scott MD Y3
James Johnson MD Y3
Rubén Vega Pérez MD Y3
 Halbert Bai MD Y1
Brandon Yeshoua MD Y1
Ava Adler MD Y1
Chris DeVita MD Y1
Christian Stevens MSTP Y6
Lauren Stalbow MSTP Y5
Jakleen Lee MSTP Y4
Camille Goldman PhD Y3
Emily Teichman PhD Y3
Carisse Lansiquot PhD Y2
Anina Lund PhD Y2
Ashley Padilla MSBS Y2
Hannah Green GC Y2
Wendy Barillas MPH Y2
Yuanhui (Jasmine) Huang CLR-Non-Portal (PhD)
Varun Sabarwal MHA Y1
Jailene Paredes Casado PREP Y2
Candida Damian MD Y2


Academic Technology

Fady Gorgy MSBS Y2


Nima Assad MD Y2
Theodor Di Pauli von Treuheim MD Y4

Community Service – Official Website

Paige Cloonan MD Y2
Jake Herb MSTP Y2

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism – Official Website

Makda Getachew Zewde MD Y3
Francesca Silvestri MD Y2
Victoria Webb GC Y2
Bryanna Copeland MHA Y2

Greening & Sustainability – Official Website

Kevin Griffee MD Y2
Yonina Bykov PhD Y2
Tori Chanenchuk MSBS Y2

Health and Well-Being – Official Website

Skylar Hess MD Y2
Gaby Altman PhD Y2


Roshan Nayak MD Y4
Maya Pahima PhD Y2


Himanshu Sharma MD Y3

Student Life

Dillan Villavisanis MD Y4


Aliza Gross MD Y2
Alexandra Capellini MD Y4
Emma Reford MD Y2
Meredith Mihalopoulos MD Y3
Shoshana Rosenzweig MD Y3
Chris Panebianco PhD Y5
Anisha Cooke PhD Y2
Christos Sazeides PhD Y2
Karine David MSBS Y2
Eva Chebishev PhD Y2
Sahiti Yarakala MPH Y2

Executive Admissions

Evan Garden MD Y4
Pepe Muniz Rodriguez MD Y4
Leeza Hirt MD Y4

Executive Curriculum/AAMC

Justin Tiao MD Y2
James Johnson MD Y3
Oge Onuh MD Y4
Melissa Hill MD Y4


Rebecca Fisher MD Y4

Infection Prevention – Official Website

Mimi Frisch MD Y2
Aum Patel 1 PhD Y2 (MSTP Y4)

Financial Aid and Services

Mary Sun MD3
Annie Arrighi-Allisan MD Y4
Michelle Mendiolaza PhD Y3

Working Groups

Infection Prevention (2022-2023) – Official Website

Lily Cohen MD Y2
Lokesh Patil MPH Y2