Echo 360 Update

Hi Folks,

As many of you are aware, the Echo360 system has been experiencing some issues recording lectures over the past week. The reason for this is that, in order to provide you with the highest quality recordings possible, Academic Technology recently upgraded to HD recording.  Unfortunately, there are still some bugs to work out with the HD recording process and therefore there were some glitches.

To ensure that lectures are captured for the time being, Echo360 recordings have been downgraded to Standard Definition. This should fix the problem until Academic Technology is able to figure out how to produce HD recordings more effectively and reliably.  If you continue to have problems with your lecture recordings, please make sure to report it to the IT help desk at

We would like to sincerely apologize for any inconveniences caused by these issues, but please note that Student Council will continue to work closely with Academic Technology to push for a resolution. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to your Student Council – Academic Technology representatives!


Your Academic Technology Reps
MD 2015: Anna Lee and Sameer Lakha
MD Scholarly Year: Brett Marinelli
MD 2016: Alex Rosen
MD 2017: Raghuram Posham
MD2018: Parth Kothari
Grad School: Jim Duehr and Theodore Pak

First Meeting of 2014-2015

Hello all,

The first Student Council meeting of the year will take place Sept 10, 2014 in the Annenberg Student Lounge.  Financial Management Team (FMT), which includes all class and program reps and makes financial decisions for Student Council, will start at 6 PM in the back room.  If you are a class or program rep, please be sure to attend.  The General Body meeting, which includes all class and program reps as well as subcommittee representatives, will start at 7 PM in the main lounge area.  If you have been elected to Student Council, please do your best to attend.

Additionally, while both meetings are open to all students, we have created open agenda time from 7:00-7:10 PM during the General Body meeting to ensure that we hear about the issues that are important to you.  Have something you would like us to address or comment on?  Just show up at 7:00 and let us know!  Alternatively, you are always free to add an item to our scheduled agenda by sending us an e-mail, but if something comes up on the spur of the moment, just come by and speak up at 7.

We look forward to seeing you tonight.


ISMMS Student Council
Zachary Lorsch, President (MD/PhD candidate)
Carine Davila, Vice President (MD 2016)
Hope Kronman, Co-Treasurer (MD/PhD candidate)
Neil Patel, Co-Treasurer (MD 2017)
Lauren Feld, Co-Secretary (MD 2015)
Robert Conley, Co-Secretary (MD 2015)
Jesse Gelles-Hurwitz, PhD representative (PhD candidate)
Vivian Nguyen, MPH representative (MPH candidate)